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When you bring us your vehicle, you an expect a bottom-to-top thorough cleaning. Out team uses only the best tools and products available on the market to ensure we protect your paint, rubber and upholstery. The aim is to give your automobile a reconditioning to both its outside and inside, reinvigorating its looks all around. Using a detailed process, our technicians restore paintwork by removing swirl marks and scratches to bring back that new car look.


Exterior Detailing Process


The first car detailing step is a thorough exterior car wash which helps remove as much surface dirt possible. Using powerful yet nonabrasive washing agents, we can remove even the toughest mud and grime. Afterwards, specialized mechanical and hand brushes are used to clean the wheels and tires of your car. We’re able to get hard to reach places of the wheels, such as the lug nuts and brake calipers. Being that the wheels are in direct contact with all the surfaces of the road, you can expect them to be one of the dirtiest parts on the vehicle. Once washing is complete, we use soft microfiber drying equipment to completely remove all moisture from the auto body. Next automotive clay bars are used on the exterior paint to remove tightly bonded dirt and restore the clear coat luster. Polish is also used on more damaged paint to get rid of minor surface level scratches, swirl marks and oxidation. This is a meticulous process and does the best to optimize the look of the paint based on its current condition. Lastly, we give it a final wax for added shine and protection. The non-paint portions of the car’s exterior are then cleaned and polished for a final touch.


Interior Detailing Process


To remove the loose dirt and dust from inside the car, we use powerful industrial vacuums and shampoo. Leatherwork is lightly scrubbed to help remove surface dirt as well as given conditioning treatment. Standard surface cleaning agents are used for any vinyl or plastic parts. All windows and windshields are also cleaned and polished. We offer additional engine bay washing service for customers who haven’t been under the hood in a while. It’s a great option for individuals planning to display their vehicle for any purpose such as a show or potential sale.

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