When You Need More than Just House Cleaning Service Near You


The appearance of your office or business environment says a lot about you. People make immediate judgements on the professionality and level of competence of a business based on the environment they enter. It’s critical for your business to ensure its environment is well kept and appealing to the eye both in sight and in scent. So, when you ask yourself, what’s the best cleaning service near me, DAG is your only choice to keep your commercial space clean throughout the year.


We aim to provide nothing less than phenomenal cleaning and services to all our business clients in the Delaware region. Have a multi-level office building, no problem. No space is too large or too small. Our professional cleaning teams will work based on your needs and schedule. If we need to assign a larger group of cleaners to handle bigger jobs, we are ready to meet your individual commercial demands. If you own a small business that’s not a problem either. Our flexibility allows us to work nights, weekends or any other time that is convenient for cleaning service near you.


Regular industrial cleaning is important to maintain the safety of your workers and make your space more welcoming and productive. We provide drier vent cleaning so that Laundromats can keep operating at peak condition, and pressure washing to make sure your sidewalks and outdoor spaces are clear of stains, dirt, and other messes.


We Offer Weekly, Monthly or Custom Routine Scheduled Commercial Cleaning Services


Commercial Service Availability

Kent County (Central)

Sussex County (South)

New Castle County (North)


If your commercial space is in an area not mentioned above, feel free to contact us to get the closest cleaning service near you.


Standard Commercial Cleaning Services Include:

  • Clean & sanitize sinks/water fountains
  • Clean & sanitize toilets/urinals
  • Clean & sanitize tubs/showers (if applicable)
  • Clean breakroom counter tops
  • Clean mirrors
  • Clean outside of breakroom appliances
  • Clean switch plates
  • Cleaning inside of microwave
  • Consolidate & remove trash/replace liners
  • Dust accessible lights/ceiling fans
  • Dust blinds/windowsills
  • Dust furniture
  • Dust shelving & decor
  • Dust trim & baseboards/molding
  • Dust venting
  • General straightening
  • Mop hard surface flooring
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Spot clean cabinet fronts
  • Spot clean interior window/door glass
  • Stock toiletries
  • Vacuum carpeted floors & area rugs
  • Vacuum hard surface flooring

Ready to transform your space into a pristine environment? Contact DAG Residential & Commercial Services today and we’ll take care of the rest.

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