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Tile flooring plays a big role in defining a room’s décor, which is why DAG Residential & Commercial Services provides expert tile installation. Get a clean and modern looking new floor laid out by some of the top experts around. We’ve got a wide selection of styles to choose from. So, you can match the existing color scheme of your bathroom or kitchen. Not only is tile easy to clean and maintain, it’s also stain resistant. Which makes cleaning yourself so much easier.


Our Tile Installation Process:


Step 1: Surface Preparation

We make sure your floor surfaces are clean, smooth, and dry.


Step 2: Layout Planning

We start by marking the center point of each of the walls in the room.


Step 3: Adhesive Application

We carefully mix only enough adhesive to be used within 30-minute intervals.


Step 4: Tile Cutting

We begin by carefully marking measured cuts-to-be on the tile surface.


Step 5: Tile Setting

Now we you commence the actual installation of your tile.


Step 6: Joint Grouting

The last step is to fill or “grout” the joints and finalize your floor into one mass.


Other Flooring Services


In addition to tile installation, DAG Residential & Commercial Services provides and extensive offering of cleaning services, including strip and wax floor services. We can take care of the mess for you, so that you can get back to what matters. If you’ve just completed a construction project, then you’ll appreciate the post construction cleaning we provide. There’s nothing worse than having to clean up after your contractors. Get the helping hand you need to ensure every nook and cranny is left as clean as it was before the contractors got there.


We aim to deliver high quality, personalized service to all our clients, and accomplish this by listening to your goals and concerns. If you’re looking for excellent tile installation and professional cleaning, contact us at DAG Residential & Commercial Services in Felton, DE today!

Ready to transform your space into a pristine environment? Contact DAG Residential & Commercial Services today and we’ll take care of the rest.

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